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Every mind into the game

Most strategies are carefully planned, precise and very probably spot on. But far too often they are never realised because the most important resources in and around the organisation are not mobilised to act on it. Realising strategies and developing welfare is all about bringing people together and putting every mind into the game.

In Resonans we have more than 15 years of experience in helping both private and public sector organisations ignite their strategy. We mobilise leaders to accelerate the realisation of the strategic ambitions and visions by joining forces with their employees and key stakeholders. And the goal is simple: To enable organisations to achieve better results faster.

Strategy realisation

The future belongs to companies and organisations that can combine strategic thinking with the flexibility to act and solve challenges in real time. At Resonans we are here to help you with precisely that.


Welfare development

There has never been a greater need for pioneering welfare innovation. We do that by mobilising people across sectors to collectively develop and redefine our shared welfare from square one.

Get to know us better
Get to know us better

Success through shared ownership

We believe that the best way to safeguard strategic alignment and management agility in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world is to create a burning desire that unites employees, managers and other stakeholders in a joint effort, and ensures shared ownership of the strategy.

Mobilising key stakeholders and bringing your leaders, employees, customers and/or citizens in focus is vital for success, and that is what we do from start to finish when we develop organisations and create partnerships where people continuously develop their own and joint strengths together.

Continous progress through actions

The most successful strategies are those that create resonance throughout organisations and beyond. That is why we mobilise leaders and employees across your organisation and energise a new mindset, while at the same time quickly creating the necessary results together.

Because we know that focusing on action and progress breeds more action and progress. By ensuring agility, capacity for action and flexibility we enable you to navigate fast and act efficiently when meeting constant change and challenges

Bringing strategic ambitions to life

Whether realising business strategies or pioneering welfare innovation, we are committed to help you realise your vision and strategic ambition by mobilising the entire organisation and the most important stakeholders around you.

At Resonans we are frontrunners when it comes to realising strategies and creating results by combining business challenges, capability building and strengths based leadership development. With this approach it is our ambition to help you bring your strategy to life, reach your strategic ambitions and potential, and obtain even better results tomorrow than you do today.

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