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Governance development

Our welfare society is under pressure and there has never been a greater need for pioneering welfare innovation to ensure cohesive action locally, and at council, regional and national level. By mobilising people across sectors, we can create collective empowerment, so new collaborations and partnerships with a rich mix of professional skills and perspectives emerge, strengthening dialogue and democracy and redefining our shared welfare from square one.

At Resonans we challenge ingrained thought processes and rethink the classic welfare model on a daily basis together with ambitious and enthusiastic citizens, local authorities, regions, associations, companies and volunteers. You can say, we are transforming governance development into a shared commitment.

We must turn our attention to the great potential in broader and more systematic mobilisation of resources if we want to safeguard our future and welfare.

By mobilising collective empowerment across sectors, organisations, companies and citizens we can innovate and strengthen welfare and growth.

We have seen it again and again: Strong, curious and ambitious alliances solving complex challenges of our societies regarding health, integration, employment and climate.

We have:

  • Increased citizen satisfaction, democratic participation and dialogue
  • Identified shorter routes to long-term solutions and effective welfare
  • Improved synergy between public-sector, volunteer and private organisations
  • Strengthened the political leadership and interaction at a strategic level
  • Contributed to greater job satisfaction among employees, who experience the positive effect of more interdisciplinary and “off-site” work

Welfare is a shared interest

Stakeholders in a community can create radically different and far more durable welfare solutions. Fortunately, trends show that citizens, private companies, public-sector organisations and associations of volunteers are increasingly rethinking welfare and creating solutions with each other across sectors. When welfare is created in harmony, typically innovative solutions are produced with a new distribution of tasks and new forms of additional resources that strengthen cohesion in society.

Uniting stakeholders to develop welfare

It is vital for our welfare that we establish more new collaborations and partnerships that can redefine existing ideas on how we should understand, approach and solve the core tasks. At Resonans, we work towards goals that create the framework for establishing new alliances, where outside-in perspectives from the world at large create the basis for testing new initiatives and ways of creating better welfare for more people.

Pioneering innovation by rethinking welfare

We believe in the necessity of rethinking welfare from square one and have experienced the benefits this brings. Rethinking welfare involves redefining the classic roles played by politicians, local authorities, regions, professionals, companies, associations and citizens. By rethinking welfare, we challenge the classic perception of authorities while identifying and magnifying what already works, creating the opportunity for experimenting with new approaches, actions and alliances.

Want to develop welfare together?

Every single day, we bring private companies, local authorities, regions, associations and citizens together to develop the welfare of tomorrow. We’d be happy to discuss how your organisation can approach governance development for the benefit of both your company or organisation and the society you are part of and co-creating welfare with. Let’s get in touch.

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