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We are Resonans

At Resonans we are here to realise the strategic ambitions of private and public-sector companies and organisations. We help you challenge ingrained behaviour patterns, strengthen organisational agility and mobilise collective empowerment.

We blaze trails to new partnerships where people develop their own and each other’s strengths sustainably. And we enable you to realise your own vision and strategy by mobilising and activating your many important internal and external stakeholders – so that together you create rapid and durable results that exceed what you thought possible.

The potential is always greater both individually and collectively but it usually takes multiple perspectives and input to realise it

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Understanding and insight

We combine our strong focus on understanding your business with deep insight into what makes organisations and people successful. We use this understanding and insight to challenge ideas of what you, your organisation and the people around it can achieve.

We know for a fact, that the potential always exceeds expectations. We know this because we have seen it happen again and again together with top managers, employees, citizens, politicians and volunteers across silos and sectors.

The task determines the team

We also know that your challenges are solved most efficiently by combining more than one approach or profession. We therefore represent a broad palette of skills that we combine in interdisciplinary teams depending on the task. This generates holistic and deeply anchored solutions to your specific challenges.

These talents are ready in our core team of consultants in Copenhagen, but also in our extensive network of external senior consultants and business partners. With this extensive set-up, we can always put together the strongest team based on dialogue with you and your specific challenge.

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